Winna Winna Chicken Dinna - #WWCD

Winna Winna Chicken Dinna - #WWCD

"A game we men play" according to show intern booger. The creator of the game a matter of debate, however Dale fairly takes credit for the name. The premise of the game is this: When you are in a store, such as the grocery store, you compare every woman you encounter, the most attactive of which gets awarded the "Chicken dinner". In it's original format, there was no actualy chicken dinner and the award was only made silently and within one's own head. One subtlty of the game is that it relies on only the women you encounter whilst shopping. As such the "winner" need not actually be attractive in a classical sense, mearly the most attactive that you encountered at the time.

Since having discussed the game on air, it has gained momentum, and you can find fans playing and posting the results on twitter with the hashtag #WWCD. In response to the game's growing popularity, show intern "Booger" was sent out on 2/8/2012 to play the game during the show and award an actual chicken dinner to the woman below:


Update: Carissa has tried to start a related game called WWWD - Winna Winna Wiener Dinner, which is the version for girls to play, in which men are the targets. To date WWWD has failed to gain any momentum.

History (un-official): It has been said that the phrase "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" was a gambling term. At one point a standard bet in a vegas casino was $2, and an average chicken dinner cost about $2 as well. Thus, if a winner doubled their money they now had enough for a "free" chicken dinner.