Jan 23rd Controversy

On Jan 23rd, the 3 segment of the Dudley and Bob show podcast was edited without Dale's foreknowledge to remove references to Andy Langer. According to Dale on the 24th, after Andy heard what was said, he told Kristen that she was "Dead to him". If you downloaded the podcast shorty after it was posted, you would have recieved the entire clip. Later that day the podcast was replaced with the edited version. In my case, since I set up a subscription in itunes, I ended up with two versions of part three. Below is a transcript showing where the edit was places.

Matt:"…your son has already slept with over 250 of the students at this school."
Kristen: "and there's only 200 girls"

<Begin Edit approx 20sec>
Dale: "And that's not even fair because I heard one year, langer has done two girls."
Dale: Come on, That's pretty good."
Matt:<Slightly Away from mike> "You didn't hear girls."
Dale: "Langer"
<End Edit>

Dale: "He told you that?"
Kristen: "He's the office gossip, yes he did."
Dale: "Okay, but how do you get that number, how's it quantified?"