Falling Star

"Falling star when did it happen?" This quote came from Dale recording a voice memo to himself while half asleep on the drive to work. During the drive he saw a "falling star", and in his sleep addled mind used the fact that starlight, due to the great distance of most stars, can take millions of years to reach Earth. Based on that irrelevant fact, Dale then proceeded to assume that a "falling star" must have happened millions of years in the past. In fact, the light from a meteor would have been created a mere 50 or so miles away when the object passed though the mesosphere . Thus, the light from a "falling star" would have reached Dale almost instantaneously. This fact was quickly realised when Dale played the recording on air <date needed>, much to his chagrin, and it lives on in sound clip infamy largely due to the humorous, drunk sounding, timbre of Dales early morning voice.