Daniel Nicknames

The Voice(aka Pepsi) - Taken from a statement Daniel made while under duress. Dale was dagering him about his music tastes, and he was trying to defend himself by saying that He and Dale where from different generations and therefore had different perspective. What he actually said was that he "Was the voice of another generation." Which is very close to the 1984–1991 slogan: "Pepsi. The Choice of a New Generation"

Cherry Pop'n Daddy - <More Info Needed> Based on stories that Daniel's brother was secretly telling Dale.

Spaghetti Man - <More Info Needed> Based on a story in which Daniel had a date, and decided to make spaghetti for the both of them at girls place. At some point in the evening, he decided that the date was not going well and he left her place in a huff, taking his spaghetti with him.

Tooth-Gap-Shame - <More Info Needed> This was based on that fact that at one point daniel had less than perfect teeth. With the help of the show, he was able to get his teeth corrected by a local orthodontist.

Danwol - This is an intentional mispronunciation of the name Daniel that Dale started using while explaining that his wife develops an endearing speech impediment when she talking while frustrated.

House Bringer Downer- This comes from Daniel bragging about how his guitar playing brought down the house while in school. The conversation started over a (insert name please) legendary guitar player visiting the studio. The next day, he brought in his guitar to play his rendition of the star spangled banner at Dale's request but failed to live up to his hype.