Clown Town

<More information needed> "Clown Town" is a reference to late night daycare which, according to Dale, is frequently used by strippers, and party parents who need to dump their kids some where while they go out. The original clown town story was about a night in which Dale, when he was younger and single, was out with a friend and ended up picked up a stripper. At the end of the night when the stripper's shift was over, the three of them left in the same car. Dale and the stripper in the front, and the friend dozing in the back. On the ride home the stripper directed Dale to stop so that she could pick up her child from the daycare. The stop awoke the friend in the back seat and just as the the stripper gets out of the car the friend, half asleep and with an ounce of uneasiness, says to Dale, “Aww man…this is clown town.”